Right Now at the Garden 

Spectacular Tulip Holiday Blooms!

By Adrienne Roethling

Director of Curation & Mission Delivery

Since 2009, the Spectacular Tulip Bloom provides our visitors with a grand display that welcomes spring.  Every year, the formal garden gets a dose of approximately 15,000 tulips, 7,000 daffodils and 3000 miscellaneous bulbs. Weeks in April, the gardens are filled with hundreds to thousands of visitors, photographers, families and tour groups.  If only we could find a way to bring thousands of visitors to our gardens during non-peak months. Alas, why not create a Spectacular Tulip Bloom using winter lights?  It’s no secret, people don’t often visit gardens in winter.  It’s up to us to provide them with an opportunity to do so.  Therefore, since the beginning of the year, staff and garden volunteers began collecting 16 oz. plastic water bottles.  Live tulip flowers come in petals of 6 on 4-20” stems and numerous flower sizes, shapes and colors.  To get the desired characteristics, we turned to our friends at Brent & Becky’s Bulbs and modeled the tulips in their catalogs. Each bottle was cleaned, stripped of labels, cut in half, scalloped into 3 petals (2 bottoms make 1 flower, 2 tops make 1 flower), spray painted and assembled onto small, green bamboo stakes. I’ve learned three lessons on this process, the first is take your time and start early, secondly, we have a small budget and don’t be afraid to call in favors, and lastly, I regret not starting this 10 years ago.

Be sure to visit our Spectacular Tulip Holiday Blooms now on display through January 5th. 

We have tulips in December!  Click below to see the lights.


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  • No Smoking.  Keep our Garden smoke and tobacco free.  Tobacco is a threat to our plants.  Discarded cigarettes can cause mulch fires in our garden beds. 

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