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June is National Pollinator Month

National Pollinator's Month encourages you to create pollinator friendly Gardens. Native, non-invasive and nectar/pollen producing plants especially.  Blooms will attract bees, birds, butterflies and other essential pollinators.  Under the Explore Our Garden tab, click on Knowledge and download the Pollinator Scavenger Hunt - or - the Garden Observation Activity.  Or visit the Gift Shop, Tuesday - Friday, 10am to 4pm to grab a form.  Completed forms can be submitted at the Gift Shop to receive free pollinator seeds.  One package per form.


While you are here, throughout June, receive 10% off select *bee* merchandise.  



Agave xpseudoferox 'Logan Calhoun' in flower

Century plants are among the hardy cacti planted throughout the Xeric Scree Gardens. This plant is Agave ×pseudoferox 'Logan Calhoun', known as hardy century plant and named for Southwest Plant Explorer Logan Calhoun.  With its emerald green leaves and dark spines along the edges, it has been proven to be one of the hardiest of all century plant species suffering little to no winter burn. Because of the surrounding heat from the parking lot, long hot summer days and nights, and an average of 40” of rainfall per year, the agave reached maturity at lightning speed.  Our specimen has reached 11 years of age. 


         In the Piedmont region of NC, expect flowering to begin in 10 years. (In its native habitat, flowering can take up to 100 years, hence its common name.  That is because in Mexico, agave is found growing in rocky soils, usually in the mountains where there is little to no nutrients in the soils. Compliment that with rainfall averaging less than 10” a year). Finally, after 11 years, we are seeing the next phase, a flower spike that will reach up to 15-20’ in the air. Branches will form producing clusters of yellow fuzzy-like flowers. The process of branching and flowering is a several month process. All summer long, flowers will attract pollinators which will give us plenty of seeds to begin new plants. Unfortunately, this process means, our mature Agave ×pseudoferox 'Logan Calhoun' will reach its end and die. But, Agave ×pseudoferox 'Logan Calhoun' does offset in which new plants will grow and take up the space.


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