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Meet Our Staff
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Josh Williams

Head Gardener

 Since 2013, Josh’s interest lies strongly in the art of plants and mastering the training of the espaliers, topiaries, and manicured borders such as pleaching and hedging. He oversees all irrigation, organic practices, leads tours and works with the community. 


Kristin Hennig

Garden Facility Manager 

Kristin leads our memberships, education, and volunteers programs, and coordinates the gardens newsletter and monthly updates.

She manages our Garden Shop operations and social media needs as well. 

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Adrienne Roethling

Garden Curator

Adrienne has been with the Botanical Garden since 2008. She oversees all aspects of the Displays including interpretation, labeling, and permanent and seasonal plant acquisitions. A contributor to "Seasons at Ciener", Yadkin Valley Magazine, the Martha Stewart Living blog and more. 


Diana Day

Customer Experience Specialist


Diana is tasked to ensure special experiences for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, dinner parties and more.  Diana has also taken a strong interest in learning all aspects of the garden.


Trish Sprague

Landscape Technician

A volunteer since 2008, Trish always had an interest in gardening and joined the garden staff shortly after retiring as a Teacher's Assistant.  She has many talents, but painting is her passion and one will see her artwork scattered throughout the garden.

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