What's in Bloom

Often we are asked what blooms after the spring tulips and daffodils. The answer is we have a lot in bloom as well as some cool displays. While the Formal Pattern Garden is in transition, you will see 48 espaliered Ginkgo trees trained into a Screen with Windows, 14 Pleached Hornbeam trees trained to look like a hedge on stilts, 2 original Pearl Fryar Topiary Spiraled trees, and 400 shrubs growing around the parking lot that make the Mosaic Hedge. Surround yourselves with over 20 individual stylized garden themes and 30,000 plants on permanent display. 

pearl fryar topiary.jpg
Garden Week.jpg
View of Hornbeam Walk.jpg
View of Mosaic Hedge.jpg
pearl fryar topiary (2).jpg

Some of the permanent plants on full blooming displays include hybrid and species daylilies. Garden Donor, Volunteer, Member and Friend, Wyatt LeFever provided the garden with dozens of hand bred daylilies from his personal collection. As we continue to grow, so will our collections. Be sure to visit the Japanese Garden Vignette with over 60 different varieties of Japanese Maples and an array of Hydrangeas, the newly planted Mini Arboretum with a wide selection of woody trees and shrubs and the Wet Meadow, a sanctuary for birds (just planted in May, 2021).

H. 'Forsyth Dark Eyes Blink' (4).JPG
H. 'Forsyth Lemon Drop'.JPG