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Around the Garden

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Xeric Scree Garden

Planted in the summer of 2009, the Xeric Scree Gardens are planted with arid-zone plantings using hardy agaves, cacti, flowering bulbs, and drought tolerant herbaceous plants.


Pattern Garden

Designed by Chip Callaway and constructed in the summer of 2008, the Pattern Garden has whimsical, paisley shaped beds edged with Korean boxwoods that are interplanted seasonally with bulbs in spring and annuals in summer.

Perennial Border

Designed by Doug Ruhren and Edith Eddleman from Durham, NC, planted in October of 2008, it contains four seasons of interest.  The Perennial Border received the Perennial Plant Association's 2011 Landscape Design Award.

Tropical Garden

Created in May of 2008, and planted each year with plants based on complimentary colors and textures of foliage and flowers such as bananas, elephant ears, ginger and more which are propagated in the fall and brought to our greenhouse for winter protection.

Kitchen Garden

Designed by Chip Callaway and constructed in 2011, the Kitchen Garden is an example of an 18th century American southern garden.  Four square raised beds and four rectangular Moravian quilt style raised beds are planted with seasonal fruits, vegetables and herbs.   

Patio Terrace and Courtyard Garden

Constructed with blue stone, surrounded by a stacked stone wall, anchored by two stone planters, the Patio Terrace is the outflow for the Ballroom.  The Courtyard Garden resembles gardens found in Charleston.  Seasonal containers and vines can be found here.

Grotto and Hourglass Garden

Designed by Chip Callaway, constructed in the summer of 2014.  The lily flowers central key over the arch and the water lotus leaf bowl were designed by Robert Mahily from Raleigh, NC.  The hourglass-shaped beds are lined with boxwoods and are planted with seasonal displays.

Hillside Rock Garden

Installed in the summer of 2014, large boulders, placed as benches make up the bones of this garden space.  Species include drought tolerant plants native to the Mediterranean such as Cyclamen, Arum italicum and Ericas.

Special Features at the Garden

Contributing to the Horticulture Excellence at the garden would be the Ginkgo Screen, Pearl Fryar sculpted Topiaries, the Japanese Garden Vignette, Seasonal Containers and more.  There are surprises at every turn, something special for a multi-seasonal appeal and inspiration all around.

Coming soon . . .

Rill & Reflecting Pool

A part of the Garden’s Master Plan of 2003, will initiate our Second Phase of Installation and Expansion.  “Dancing Cranes”, a sculpture by Lloyd LeBlanc, donated by Joseph M. Bryan, Jr. from his private collection, will be the highlight of this new feature.  Thank you, Joe, for this magnificent piece of art to adorn The Garden. 

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1.  Main Entrance

2.  Welcome Center (Carriage House)

3.  Xeric Scree Beds

4.  BB&T Ginkgo Screen

5.  Mosaic Hedge

6.  Flowering Vine Lamp Posts

7.  Pavilion

8.  Fidelity Bank Pleached Hornbeam Walk

9.  Pleached Hornbeam Walk Fountain

10.  Pattern Garden 

11.  Perennial Garden

12.  Tropical Garden 

13.  Paul Ciener Memorial 

14.  Kitchen Garden 

15.  Cutting Garden 

16.  Annual Border 

17.  Service Entrance 

18.  Patio Terrace 

19.  SunTrust Foundation Courtyard                   Garden

20.  Horticulture Staff Facility 

21.  Greenhouse 

22.  Rill & Dancing Cranes Garden

23.  Hourglass Garden & Grotto

24.  Event Lawn 

25.  Grand Arbor 

26.  Performance Stage 

27.  Conifer & Woody Plant Collection

28.  Elizabeth and Joyner Burns                           Amphitheater

29.  Wetland Garden 

30.  Japanese Garden Vignette

       (Karen Stuef Ciener Japanese Garden) 

31.  Woodland Garden 

32.  Discovery Garden Vignette

       (Learning Garden) 

33.  Garden Restrooms 

34.  Hillside Boulder Garden

35.  Lowland Meadow 

Initial Development 

Future Development

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