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Elementary Educational Programs

The Garden offers a variety of school and youth programs throughout the year. We also offer a field trip program that meets the North Carolina curriculum science requirements. Tour our Xeric Scree Garden (desert-loving plants) and our Tropical Garden and learn how these non-native plants can adapt to our North Carolina environment. Visit our Kitchen Garden where students will have an opportunity to touch and feel plants and vegetables while learning some basic nutrition facts. Harvest and sample fruits and vegetables growing in our raised beds. Learn the life cycle of a seed  and take home a seed kit. 


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Can't come to the Garden? We can come to your school! Our Garden Staff will arrive at your school prepared to replicate the experience your students would receive on an actual visit to the Garden with our virtual video tour, lesson plan and hands-on activities for a true experiential interactive learning opportunity.  

For more information about our school programs or to schedule a tour for your students, complete the form below or contact Kristin Hennig, Program Coordinator, at 336-996-7888.

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