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April Plant of the Month

Narcissus 'Maria Gertrude' -cyclamineus daffodil

by Adrienne Roethling

Garden Curator

The spring season has arrived a little early this year making in the second time in 16 years. Daffodils are a much better bulb to grow in the south as they return with the same vigor and quality as their first year. There are over 10,000 varieties making up 13 divisions, miniatures and species, all ranging in colors of salmon, orange, yellow and white. Another draw is they are deer and critter resistant.  Deer, squirrels and voles do not like the bulbs as they possess crystals that are toxic.  Narcissus gets their name from the Greek word narco, or narcotic as describing the toxicity. They also get their name from a young man in Greek mythology that bowed his head down to look at his reflection in a nearby stream.


From our good friends, Brent and Becky’s Bulbs brings many new varieties of tulips and daffodils this year. April’s plant of the month is Narcissus ‘Maria Gertrude’ a cyclamineus daffodil. The cyclamineus division are daffodils where the flower petals that reflex away from the cup. ‘Maria Gertrude’ has bright golden yellow petals that bend backwards allowing the vibrant orange cup to shine. It’s an early to mid-spring season performer that will last for up to 2 weeks in ideal conditions. Because they bloom before leaves emerge from the trees, it’s a great choice for some shade or full sun.  Expect ‘Maria Gertrude’ to get 12” tall. 


Join or renew your garden membership during April and your name will be included in a drawing for a Narcissus ‘Maria Gertrude’.

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