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March Plant of the Month

Panicum virgatum -switch grass

by Adrienne Roethling,


Panicum virgatum or switch grass is a hardy ornamental grass native throughout North American. Often one will ding it growing naturally throughout Texas and north to Missouri.  Panicum has quickly become a stellar plant ideal in many garden situations.


In early spring, new growth emerges from the base offering a nice bluish green color.  Plants quickly reach 3’ tall and 2’ wide.  This grass has a pretty upright growth habit offering a nice texture and form during most seasons.  In fact, this is an ideal grass to leave uncut during the winter months where birds can graze for seeds. Panicum grows best in full sun, well rained soils and is drought tolerant once established.

Join or renew your garden membership during the month of March and your name will be included in a drawing for a complimentary Panicum virgatum or switch grass.

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