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July Plant of the Month -

Ficus carica 

-common fig

by Adrienne Roethling,

Director of Curation and Mission Delivery

Fig trees were first described during Ancient Times and quickly became a staple among modern gardens. Ficus carica is native throughout the Middle East and Asia but easily grows throughout the southeastern US as an ornamental and edible plant.


Common Fig can grow to 20 feet tall and wide.  Plants often become a woody tree or shrub or can die back to the ground during severely cold winters.  They prefer growing in full sun with ample moisture throughout the season.  Fruits produce flowers on the inside which is pollinated by a fig wasp that enters the fruit which will then produce seeds.  However, our climate is too short for this cycle but also, the fig wasp is not adapted in North Carolina. Therefore, our figs never produce seeds.  Fig trees consist of a white milky sap when stems or leaves are broken. Some folks have been known to break out if the sap gets on your skin.  It’s not everyone but use caution when handling this plant.


Join or renew your membership for the month of July and your name will be included in a drawing for a  pot of Ficus carica.



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