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August Plant of the Month -

Alocasia macrorrhizos 

-giant taro

by Adrienne Roethling,

Director of Curation and Mission Delivery

Alocasia macrorrhizos or giant taro is a native throughout the rainforests of se Asia, New Guinea and Queensland.  The natives of Taiwan used the roots for starch as well as the leaves and stems.  But plants in the aroid group contain microscopic crystals known to cause severe itching and swelling. Therefore, all parts of the plant need to be cooked through before consumption.  Never handle plants without wearing gloves.


Our display plants began from one tuber which produced numerous offsets.  We display our plants throughout the seasonal beds.  Come fall, leaves are removed, plants are dug and bulbs are stored in the basement for winter dormancy.  However, with these mild winters upon us, some may want to experiment with hardiness as I suspect in an ideal location, plants may survive outdoors in winter.  Bulbs emerge in late spring quickly producing emerald green, spade shaped leaves.  Stems and leaves are upright growing to 6-8 feet tall and wide.  In our climate one may expect height to reach 10 feet tall in one season. Alocasia macrorrhizos prefers growing in full to part sun in rich soils. 


Join or renew your membership for the month of August and your name will be included in a drawing for a pot of Alocasia macrorrhizos.

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